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Fitness GymFiberFit logo

FiberFit is a gym that wanted to have a place where you get Fit but also take in some Fiber and live a healthy lifestyle instead of just losing weight once and returning later.

Logo requirements:
-Stand out from the local competitions

Logo designer
Logo Project

FiberFit vertical

The logo was entirely hand lettered.

-The color theme was focused promoting a friendly and healthy lifestyle.

-Since it was based on diet I've included the food pyramid for symbolism of the life choice.

-The yellow in the middle is where the Fiber rich foods are in the actual food pyramid.

-The Fiber part was made slender and curved to make it more feminine.(the yellow bar that goes through it around the middle represents the Fiber based diet and the color was chosen after a Wheat which is rich in Fiber)

-The Fit part was made blocky and bulky to make it look more masculine.

FiberFit horizontal

Sketch of FiberFit