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Delivery serviceWhoosh logo

This logo was made for a fictional fast air delivery service.

Logo Prompt:
Hot Air Balloon

Lift, Crown (the very top part of the balloon), Whoosh.

“Design a logo featuring a hot air balloon. This should be a fun and whimsical project. Let me know your thoughts!”

Logo designer
Logo Project

Whoosh type

The font for it was chosen after the icon had finished. Due to that the font was to stay true to the feel of the icon. (which is the balloon)

I’ve tried playing around with both sans-serif and serif with about 40 fonts. The idea was to keep it look legible and useable for both web and print use.

First I’ve played around with sans-serif with the belief that the sans-serifs are much more modern looking compared to the serif fonts but the hot air balloon is a pretty vintage idea. And the visual story was not aligning up well with the serif fonts. So I went into serif fonts. I did like some other serifs but Baskerville was standing out due to it being easily usable for web and print alike.

To put the final touches on I’ve tried fading parts of it to give a “cloudy” look but that didn’t go well. So I’ve tried using the wind strikes on the Type only version so that it hints to the balloon icon and it is placed in a way that it actually gives off a roundish optical illusion so that the font itself looks like a balloon.

Whoosh Icon

Whoosh Full

The design for this was not coming along in my mind for a bit. Until I made the story and how it's gonna be presented to the people.

Lift obviously would be referring to objects going up in air in this context and that eventually lead to the name itself Whoosh. The idea of the three wind strikes is to show the name in a literal sense and to emphasise the Lift idea which can also be illustrated by showing that it's floating along in the clouds.

The crown at the very top was rather odd but I decided to try and make it work as well as possible. The placement and the style of the crown took a bit of time fiddling around with but the end result is pretty good in my opinion. And I've made one WITHOUT the crown and WITH the crown. The crown really does add more character to it compared to the one without. For that reason I've left the crown on.

The hot air balloons part was the key gateway to all the ideas to the piece as it is the main premise of it. The balloon itself was rather bland after finishing a few dozen pieces. So I decided to try and modify the basket body. The inspiration for the basket came from Apple's product packaging. Because I always get excited to unbox those or watch people unbox those seamless and stunning packages. I wanted people to feel that feeling of excitement and pleasure from the boxes that it came in rather than the mundane packagings that the other competitors may have. (Added a crown on the box for good measure).